"Dolores" oil is a well-known brand of this company. The range consists of five types of oil. The oils are available in 0.9 l, 1.8 l and 5 l containers.

"Vilnius" oil is also very popular in the Lithuanian market. The range consists of five types. The oils can be bottled in four capacity bottles: 1 l, 1.8 l, 2.75 l and 5 l.

"Dolores" oil is supplied to the foreign market and to the Baltic countries. The assortment includes refined and unrefined sunflower and rapeseed oils. The oil is bottled in 1 l and 1.8 l bottles.

"Flarina" brand range consists of two types of oil: sunflower and canola. The oil is sold at a capacity of 0.9 l.

"Perle" oil is focused on the foreign market. The range consists of four types of oil, which can be bottled in 0.9l bottles.