To develop the business of wholesale of products made only from authentic raw materials, to be a reliable partner, to maintain and improve the level of product quality that meets the highest food safety requirements and ensures the successful development and profit growth of the company. To maintain the leading position in the Lithuanian market, to expand in foreign markets.



At "Lomista" we cover the full range of services - from product selection to the creation of the desired brand with a private label and packaging. In our product range we have pre-packaged products and weighed edible oil. We create custom design labels on different types of paper coated with both plain and UV varnish. The products are packed in custom-designed corrugated cardboard boxes in white or brown color and chosen perforation. Packaging in plastic bottles and containers is also available. Additionally, we can pack the goods by covering them with a film.

INTERNATIONAL Activity (Exhibitions and export)

Since 2013 "Lomista" has vastly grown exports to Central and Western Europe as well as Baltic and Scandinavian countries. Upon requests from other countries, our company will provide competitive offers, help solve customer's logistics and other issues related to product orders.

We regularly participate in food exhibitions, where we present our products and discuss cooperation opportunities with foreign partners. The main exhibitions are Anuga (Germany), SIAL (France). We also participated in an international brand exhibition PLMA (the Netherlands) in May, where our company display could be found in the Lithuanian pavilion.


We receive our edible oil from both wide track rail and tank trucks. Over 200 tons of oil can be acquired in a day. The oil intake hub is equipped to work even in the most extreme weather conditions.


Dispensing lines for 0.9 - 1 litre bottles are fully automated. The process starts by forming and moving the bottles onto the production line, then followed by automatic packing of bottles, palletizing of boxes and wrapping them with a "strechhood" film.


We have the ability to store about 1,000 pallets of products by using a drive-in storage system. This allows to store a wide range of products, speeds up product selection and unloading.